The Flavors of the World... Delivered

Royal Club Coffee

Flavorful Blends

100% Arabica coffee blended with Kenyan AA beans and high growing South Central American beans. Various blends and roasts create a wide assortment of smooth, rich flavor profiles.

Java Blue Coffee

Gourmet Roasts

Gourmet roasts featuring flavors from around the globe. Distinct flavor profiles created from exotic growing conditions and expert roasting techniques.

Curtze Food Service Coffee

Careful Grinds and Thoughtful Packaging.

All Royal Club and Java Blue coffees are carefully ground to exact specifications for the best, most even saturation of the grind, creating a consistent, flavorful brew every time. A consistent amount is packaged in foil packs for freshness and even brewing.

Distinct Flavor Profiles...

Dark Roast

Royal Club Elegant and Rich

Rich, bold and very robust... espresso-like in flavor.

Dark Roast

Royal Club Gold and Rich

A more robust flavor, rich, fragrant and full-bodied.

Dark Roast

Royal Club Smooth and Rich

Perfectly balanced, smooth and mellow. Our #1 best seller.

Dark Roast

Royal Club Decaf

The smooth, rich flavor of Royal club in mellow decaf.

Medium Roast

Java Blue Sumatra Blend

Arabica coffee beans from the Mandheling Province of West Sumatra, a known producer of gourmet coffee worldwide. Syrupy body with hints of chocolate and brown sugar. Smooth, full bodied, earthy and complex.

Dark Roast

Java Blue Guatemala Blend

Volcanic soil produces this rich, flavorful bean with a slight chocolate note.

Medium Roast

Java Blue Kona Blend

Mild and aromatic, lightly tangy with a sweet, light-bodied fruitiness. This flavorful Hawaiian coffee is ground from the only coffee beans grown in the USA.

Dark Roast

Java Blue Decaf

A decaf with a bolder, more intense flavor. Full bodied with slightly woody notes.

Dark Roast

Java Blue Gourmet Roast

This smoky, rich, Java-style blend has a decadent, bittersweet flavor with a smooth, heavy body... A connoisseur’s delight!

Medium Roast

Java Blue Colombian

This rich, mountain grown, aromatic blend gives you a smooth and balanced coffee.

Dark Roast

Java Bold

An amplification of all the finer points in a cup of coffee. Very smooth with the lack of burnt or bitter taste.

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