Powerhouse Food Service Brands

We carry the most trusted brands in food service. In addition, we also carry exclusive brands that you won't find anywhere else. These brands are carefully designed to give our customers products that they can rely on for their consistency, quality and value.

Powerhouse Food Service Brands

Ask your consultant about all of our Powerhouse Brands!

Country Kettle® Soups

Ready-to-use soups start with wholesome and natural ingredients and define the standard of quality first. Our soups are simmered to perfection with farm-fresh vegetables, gourmet spices and herbs, and other exceptional ingredients.

California Red®

Sourcing the very best quality tomato products available. All products are packed from fresh California tomatoes. Through the years, our company has always been committed to quality first, resulting in consistent superior tomato flavor.

Crunch Company® Snacks

Potato chips and snack mixes with epic crunch! We guarantee the crunch!

B-1 Wingers

Steamed, roasted and boneless, B-1 means wings! You can focus on your sauce and rub creations knowing you've started with meaty, delicious wings!

Baker Boy®

Baker Boy® has a complete line of breadings, batters and mixes that are easy to use and always produce great results. Our excellent holding time makes it ideal for the busy kitchen. Pancakes, brownies and more... Ready, mix, go!

Puff Batter® Appetizers

An incredible lineup of appetizers that are sure to be crowd pleasers. Fresh vegetables, gooey cheese sticks, and seafoods are all double dipt in our golden Puff Batter.

Le Pan Europa® Breads

Specializing in hand-crafted breads, made fresh from scratch using the highest quality ingredients and flash frozen. In addition to crusty European-style breads, sandwich, dinner rolls and specialty breads are also available.

Beacon Hill® Hors D'Oeuvres

Individually hand-made, using only the freshest premium ingredients in a variety of unique shapes, exquisite flavors and distinctive textures.

Royal Club® Coffee

Gourmet roast coffee has evolved from years of research and development that has led us deep into the heart of the world’s finest coffee regions in search of the richest, most distinctive and flavorful Arabica coffee beans.

Blazin' Red® Hot Sauce

From the heart of Cajun country since 1910. Supreme flavor. Extreme savings. Pepper and spice, Blazin Red tastes twice as nice, for half the price. Just one pour and they’ll be back for more.

Natural Pak® Dressings

From Caesar to Balsamic Vinaigrette, Natural Pak® Dressings give you an unprecedented range of distinctive flavors to complement any salad.

Pasta San Marco®

An exceptional brand of long and filled pasta using the age-old methods of rolled and sheeted pasta making. Each ravioli is a work of art. The flavors and textures enable our pasta to stand alone without complex sauces.

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